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It has been some time since my first CD Diaspora was released and given commitments to teaching and doctorate studies, the process for this recording began a couple of years ago. I wanted to create something similar to my first recording but with more jazz influences. What was lacking was a theme for the project and its compositions. Certain pieces were written almost immediately after my first CD, while others were developed during the sessions as the theme began to firmly take root. Upon some reflection, I realized what was being created here came mostly from a group of musicians who have played together for many years in various bands and projects. There was a certain amount of “knowing” amongst us, a certain understanding or “code” unspoken, that allowed for intimate interaction in the music. I believe that our collective experiences as performers and members of a larger music and art community allow us to share more than notes, pattern and musical phrases, it permits us to share our humanity. Hence the title track is dedicated to the artists on this CD.

  1. Keeper of the Gate

  2. Light Upon a Path

  3. Asokere

  4. Roll Call

  5. The Code

  6. Hush Little Baby

  7. Cascades

  8. Montuno Pa' La Flauta

  9. Nunca Contigo

  10. El Ron De Ron

  11. Descarga Pa' Dos Flautas

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